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Secure Data Destruction Services by ITSource of Wichita, KS

The safeguarding and destruction of private and confidential information are crucial to all organizations. Company policies and governmental regulations require that computer data be handled in a secure manner. From the moment a client’s equipment enters our warehouse, it is digitally photographed, tagged, and monitored by around-the-clock video surveillance. Depending on company requirements, ITSource will maintain chain of custody until critical data is wiped or the device is physically destroyed. Here are the methods used in protecting critical company confidential information.

Data Wiping Services

As the equipment is sent across the technician’s bench, asset tags are removed, and all data, programs, and operating systems are destroyed upon equipment start up. ITSource wipes data on various media types such as, thumb drives, mobile devices, hard drives, etc. To best meet your data destruction needs, you may select a method ranging from a single-pass overwrite to a DOD that meets specifications set by the U.S Department of Defense.

  • Standard – Simple single-pass overwrite of the entire hard drive. In most scenarios, this method is sufficient for data protection and leaves the hard drive in working condition for reuse.
  • DOD Wipe – Triple-pass U.S. Department of Defense Specification. This method is the most comprehensive of all the methods and leaves the drive in working condition to maximize value.

Physical Destruction / Shredding Services

When data wiping doesn’t satisfy strict company policy, ITSource can offer complete physical destruction of critical data storage devices. From chip and drive punching to complete shredding of the drives or devices, ITSource can give you complete documented satisfaction that your company’s critical data is 100% eradicated and not recoverable. This process can be done on-site or in our secure and monitored facility.

  • Shredding – For the ultimate in security and satisfaction, converting complete and whole devices, drives, and backup media to shrapnel is beyond compare. This process can be done remotely or in our warehouse where the shred process can be witnessed by a member of your staff. ITSource documents and records serial numbers on all pieces, if available, prior to being completely and physically destroyed. ITSource maintains a strict chain of custody at all times.
  • Punching – This process is the physical destruction of the drive or chips. For hard drives, the controller board is separated from the drive which, in most cases, makes it difficult to recover data in and of itself. The drive is then punched, shattering or bending the platters and rendering data recovery virtually impossible. ITSource also punches chips found in solid-state drives, thumb drives, and cell phones. Once the chips are destroyed, you can rest at ease knowing that your critical data has been destroyed forever.
  • Incineration – Tapes and media can be shredded making data or information recovery virtually impossible, however, clean energy incineration is an option as well. Plastic tapes and media are incinerated and converted into energy. This process is documented with certificates of destruction making this the perfect end-of-life solution for these materials. Not only is this environmentally friendly but a 100% secure data solution.

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