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Off-Lease IT Equipment Management by ITSource of Wichita, KS

As your IT leasing agreement approaches its end, you are faced with a few questions that need immediate answers: Will I return my leased equipment, renew my lease agreement, or will I purchase the equipment for its fair market value?

Before making any decision, it is important to beware of the expectations and processing fees of many leasing companies. All leasing companies require that you perform services like precise asset tracking, certified data destruction, and tedious equipment packaging. They also demand hefty fees for broken and missing machines and parts. Some leasing companies are so specific in their packaging instructions that they require the equipment to be returned in the same boxes in which it was received. As a result of excessive service and repair back charges, the positive return you once expected becomes null.

What to Expect from ITSource

With its distinguished business model, which includes global remarketing capabilities, a secured processing facility, and credible recycling outlets, ITSource can help you make the best decision. Before your lease agreement comes to an end, we can effectively coordinate the logistics to remove and process your equipment. Accordingly, a complete audit will be performed to identify all equipment specifications, including serial numbers and asset tag numbers, if required. In many cases, ITSource can purchase your equipment at a rate that allows your company to directly increase revenue and avoid costly processing fees.

Under lease verification, ITSource will provide:

  • Quick product removal
  • Maximum asset value
  • Around-the-clock secured storage
  • Asset tag removal
  • Data destruction services
  • Free audit services on purchase

Our goal is to take away the headaches by streamlining your off-lease equipment processing.

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