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Donating IT Equipment Assistance by ITSource of Wichita, KS

Donating your old IT equipment can greatly benefit your organization if it is done correctly. Many companies donate their old equipment with good intentions, but in reality, they are donating a problem. Let ITSource assist you in your donation process to create the most benefit for your organization, and the charitable organization of your choice. Now you can generously donate your retired IT assets without the fear of data leakage or bad publicity which is often associated with your old equipment ending up in a landfill.

Equipment Upgrade/Replacement

To ensure that your equipment will not become a problem to the organization to which you donate, all of the equipment that you would normally donate is sent to our processing facility. ITSource will standardize all the salvageable equipment and ensure that donated items are tested working and free of any potential data security risk.

Donate Cash, Not Trash

Instead of sending all your old computer equipment directly to a charity and creating a burden, let ITSource act as a filter by separating the good equipment from the non-desirable equipment. The good equipment will be purchased at an agreed percentage of the current market value. Whatever monetary value is derived from your equipment can be sent to the organization of your choice.

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