remarket IT equipment

Re-Marketing of IT Equipment by ITSource of Wichita, KS

This program is designed to remarket IT equipment directly from your site.

What to Expect

In a partnership, we take full responsibility for your IT assets. To get started, a complete list of details and specifications needs to be provided, e.g. make, model, and any available vitals. The list is then marketed through our global network of credible buyers. ITSource negotiates on your behalf with the focus of selling your IT equipment at a fair market price to maximize your return.

In a partnership, ITSource will:

  • Market your IT assets
  • Locate potential buyers
  • Contractually protect you, the seller
  • Provide all trucking logistics
  • Render payment to you when specifications have been verified

By partnering with our team of professionals at ITSource, your old hard-to-move IT assets can be gone in no time.

Ready to see what ITSource can do for you?