At IT Source, the proper disposal of your outdated computer equipment is not just a routine business procedure, it is a priority. To pacify the concerns associated with asset disposal, all recycling is done in compliance with Reasonable Recycling (R2) and EPA standards. Data security is done in compliance with the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We take pride in using reliable local recyclers for all materials such as batteries, wire, metals, circuit boards, toners, plastic, etc., and maintain a ZERO landfill policy.

To best protect the environment, IT Source aims to extend the life of a PC as long as possible. With a revolutionized breakdown and recycling process of broken and outdated IT equipment, IT Source diligently harvests all good parts and commodities. After the completion of asset tag removal, hard drive destruction, and the finalization of the audit process, all components that are salvageable are tested and sent to inventory. These components are sold for their commodity value or are recycled back into machines.

Summary of disposal:

  • Recycle equipment in compliance with EPA and HIPAA guidelines
  • ZERO landfill Policy
  • Comprehensive breakdown of machines before recycling
  • Salvage parts to recycle back into the market