As a dynamic and unified company, doing business with the personnel at IT Source is always a beneficial experience. With reliable service, you and your organization can rely on quick alleviation of your retired IT related assets.

Benefits include:

  • Protection
    Once your equipment leaves your facility, it is IT Sources job to protect your company interests. We provide a documented transfer of liability, accompanied by a $5,000,000 liability insurance policy. Our focus is protecting your company’s reputation.
  • Processing in compliance with EPA and HIPAA standards
    All non-functional or non-salvageable equipment is broken down to the component level and recycled in compliance with EPA standards and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Extensive data destruction methods
    Because of the importance of protecting company information and reputation, IT Source offers numerous data destruction methods that range from a standard one pass over write, to a DOD certified wipe or shredding your devices on site or remotely if required.
  • Custom tailored solution programs
    IT Source has designed solutions flexible enough to meet the needs of any client:
  • Revenue Share / Asset Management Program

Designed for large companies and organizations in need of a comprehensive IT asset disposal solution.

  • Market Based Program

Designed to deliver rapid cash flow and quick alleviation to small and medium sized companies and organizations.

  • Partnership Program

Designed to remarket IT equipment directly from your site.

  • Maximum asset value
    IT Source utilizes all of its resources to eliminate costly product removal, high recycling costs, or low market value.
  • Speedy pick-up and efficient palletizing methods
    With a plethora of nation-wide trucking routes, freight carriers, and palletizing capabilities, IT Source can have your retired IT assets out of your way in a timely manner. Our ability to respond quickly to your asset disposition needs not only alleviates your problem quickly, but also maximizes your return on investment in the plummeting markets within the IT industry.
  • Global networking
    With its existing position in the global IT industry, IT Source has the ability to buy and sell IT equipment in any quantities.
  • Global assistance
    Instead of disposing of all aged IT equipment, IT Source takes pride in supplying numerous developing countries with IT equipment. Who would have thought that the computer equipment that once gathered dust in your office space could play a significant role in medical, educational, and socio-economical betterment, worldwide?
  • A central USA location
    IT Source’s prime location in Wichita, Kansas, enables it to facilitate successful business with clients from coast to coast.
  • Secured facilities
    All assets that reside within our 38,000+ sq. ft. warehouse are monitored by around-the-clock video surveillance and processed by experienced technicians.