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At ITSource, the proper disposal of your outdated computer equipment is not just a routine business procedure, it’s a priority. ITSource aims to extend the life of a PC as long as possible. Systems are run through an audit process where good machines are identified and tagged and non-working units are repaired if possible. This allows ITSource to take tested working machines back to low income and 3 rd world markets extending a PC’s life as long as possible.

With a revolutionized breakdown and recycling process of broken and outdated IT equipment, ITSource diligently harvests all good parts. Good parts are tested inventoried, then taken to the market and sold for their wholesale parts value. All other non marketable parts are sorted and sold for commodity content value. To pacify the concerns associated with e-waste disposal, all computer recycling is done in compliance with EPA standards. ITSource will guarantee that no equipment will be sent to a landfill.